The Hybrid Music Duo

In 2009, we met for the first time while working together at our local Best Buy.  Life changed for us that first night we got together to make music.  We had fun, got into a flow and began regularly producing beats and writing.

Life happened along the way.  We got stuck in our day jobs, struggled to get our lives together and pursue our dreams.  We both had our shortfalls, fears, doubts, and all the ambition-killers that plague many creatives.

Cameron focused more on production and providing services to local artists, and Steven focused on his school: pursuing his masters degree in creative writing & composition.

We’ve learned a lot from our failings, but we still have our hurdles.  Now, it’s time to wait no longer.  What point is there in making music and creating art, if it’s not being shared with the world?

It’s not art, until it’s opened up for the world to interpret.



Music trends have shifted a lot in the last decade.  However, we have yet to hear anyone else doing anything quite like what we are doing.  A unique blend of electronic genres & hip-hop lyrics, motifs, with deep stories & emotional undertones.



It’s not just about the music.  “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”  At the core of our songs are stories, journeys, and concepts of human nature and the human condition.  Whether we’re telling it openly, or through the subtle details infused into the instrumentals, we always want to create from the heart, and share what’s on our minds.

Music is a powerful force that is always under-stated by mainstream society.  Topics like sex, drugs, and glamour-life get peddled around at the top of the industry because, of course, everyone wants to enjoy life; but those distractions ultimately serve no good purpose.  When was the last time you heard a song that captivated you, and actually sparked a compelling thought?  When was the last time a song moved you to change a habit, or strive to do something better?

That’s our mission.